Authentic Italian traditional flavors

A clean, warm and welcoming place with authentic Italian flavors.

Unique dishes with unique flavors

Flavors of authentic Italian cuisine that will entertain your palate from the first to the last bite.

Pizzas with pure ingredients and Italian finesse

Try pizza made with passion, love and the purest and freshest ingredients, baked in a wood oven.

Welcome to Napul’è Italian Comfort Food

The restaurant was created out of our need (by Francesco and Maggie) to bring to the world the authentic Italian flavors, those that the average Italian family tastes at its Sunday tables.

“We wanted to introduce to the world the Italian products like they have never seen before, the authentic buffalo mozzarella, the rare cheeses, the recipes of cucina povera of the Italian south.“

To create a gastronomic bridge between Greece and Naples through our recipes and flavors.

San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, olive oil
Traditional Italian pizza with taste and fresh ingredients.
Salsicce e friarielli
Neapolitan sausages with fennel seeds
Με αγάπη, μεράκι και αγνά ποιοτικά υλικά, δημιουργούμε νέες εμπειρίες γεύσεις.

Our recipes are based on deep tradition with a few notes of modernism

“ We bring the soul of Italian cuisine to your plate ‟

Italian flavors that stand out, not only thanks to the excellent ingredients we use, but mainly due to the different approach!
Traditional recipes with excellent ingredients.
What we suggest ...

In a beautiful and friendly environment, Napul’è Italian Comfort Food welcomes lovers of traditional authentic Italian cuisine, offering very tasty dishes with pure and fresh traditional ingredients.

Slow cooked veal loin, tuna sauce, capers

Smoked provola stuffed with gnocchi alla sorrentina

Saffron risotto filled with pulled veal cheeks on parmesan cream

Buffalo burrata, pistachio pesto, mortadella Bologna

San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Agerola smoked provola, spicy Neapolitan salami, basil

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Tastes and smells that awaken the senses

Our love for the genuine Italian cuisine, the use of fresh ingredients and the passion for perfection, is perfectly reflected in our dishes.

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Authentic Flavors
We love what we do because ... we do what we love!